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1997 yılından bu yana dövme sanatı ve dövme’nin Türkiye de gelişmesinde katkıda bulunan Lucky Ink Tattoo, uzun yıllar Uşak, Didim, Dikili, Bodrum, Alanya ve İzmir Alsancak’ta Dövme Sanatıyla, Dövme ve Piercing sevenlerle buluşuyor.



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The shop was super clean and reasonably priced as well. Bill Lioka did my tattoo as a walk-in and was super professional the entire time about it. Definitely worth visiting if you're in need of some ink!


Very well done. Went here as this was the only one place I would ever let someone do a tattoo on me. You should be in to hard rock though 🙂

David Dunlop

My experience was not so good. I got a large tattoo of a hawk on my right forearm in the fall of 1964 and it almost immediately became severely infected. within 2-3 days reached a temp of 102 deg. Had to return to Germany and gets shots. Part of colored came off as it healed. But rated high based on others comments. Going back in May 2016 if time I'll have them redo it.

Giovanni Missaglia

"Everywhere I go someone compliments the work I got from Sacred Center."

Severina An